you’re a fucking bitch and a shitty person and you’ll never find happiness because you suck and i’ve bever met anyone so selfish i hope you fall off of a cliff. fuck you. 

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I want to die every day. I want my time to come soon. I would never kill myself, I don’t have the guts or heart. I pray my time is soon, I feel ready.

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I’m gonna spend all of my days with you.
I’ll carry your burdens and be the wind at your back.

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I feel like I will never be able to forget everything you put me through

I can move on and I know how to keep what you did to me separate from this new life I am building.  But it’s like every time something happens that isn’t in my favor I’m reminded of you and I shut myself down. I can’t feel as sad as I did when I was with you again. I know I can’t always be happy but how come when something little happens I freak out? You ruined me. How am I supposed to just lower my expectations? Please, just tell me how.

I’m gonna listen to my head this time.


because if I was the love of your life you wouldn’t do these things to me. People don’t treat the “loves of their lives” like dirt.